TRI offers an industry-leading, comprehensive curriculum on two tracks: finance, including courses tailored both to finance and non-finance professionals, and leadership programs for all areas of your organization. A key tool in each is the business simulation, structured in one of two forms:


  • Collaborative - participants learn to be more effective working within a team structure (early to mid-level executives)
  • Competitive - participants strive to excel in teams that are competing to win (senior-level executives)


Our executive simulations, like most, begin with a business acumen module that represents the financial performance of the business. What follows, however, is a major point of distinction between TRI and other learning providers:

Leadership challenges, customized to your organization's issues, are layered onto the business acumen module. These require participants to respond to unexpected developments as they would in the real world.

In live role play, participants interact with TRI faculty to investigate business opportunities or negotiate with key stakeholders to influence outcomes. We bring your senior leaders into the experience to create a bridge from the simulated to the real world.

An action learning or real-world business project can serve as a natural extension of the simulation. Without the help of a facilitator, participants have a chance to apply what they've learned to a real-world challenge that tests their newly developed leadership skills and business acumen.


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