Hard Skills Programs
TRI® delivers effective and engaging learning experiences to develop leaders in all functions and levels in your organization. Curriculum spans financial leadership, general leadership, business acumen and targeted initiatives that help leaders learn how to create value.

Soft Skills Programs
Our soft skills modules and team-building activities focus on developing the social proficiencies that distinguish great leaders in all functions. Book one or weave several together to create a multi-disciplinary, multi-day program. Most are appropriate for all levels, and all can be customized to achieve your organization’s specific learning objectives.


Knowing the Business
Today’s leaders must understand how their business operates at the enterprise level. Through experiential learning, participants gain insights on the holistic nature of decision-making and how the organization creates value for its shareholders and customers.

Leading the Business
Organizations that emerge champion in their industry are backed by forward-thinking leaders. In an intensive, experiential learning environment, participants acquire the skills to create and drive strategy and innovation, build and develop teams, and deliver business results.

Customer Economics
TRI’s Customer Economics workshop brings sales and finance concepts together in a business simulation format. Its purpose is to give everyone who takes part in growing a company’s business valuable insights aimed at fostering a win-win for the company and its customers.

Customer Emulations
It is not enough to have a winning vision and strategy. Your team must connect their own work functions and roles to that strategy. Customer Emulations will enable them to do just that by driving successful execution of a real-life objective or activity in your company. Every emulation includes a focus on customer engagement – because ultimately everything begins and ends with your customer.

Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
From hourly workers to top executives across every department and function, all members of an organization affect its financial success. This introductory course breaks down basic financial concepts for your non-finance professionals so that they better understand the finance function and their own personal impact on the company’s financial statements.

Growing the Business
Growing the Business is suitable for both higher education and business environments at all levels. Participants are responsible for running a manufacturing company for four quarters, in all aspects of the business: developing the company strategy, setting an annual plan, planning production and sales, and analyzing plan vs. actual results. Cash is tight, competition is fierce, and anyone can come out the winner.

Leading the Business -- Medical Scanner
This complex, highly challenging business simulation involves a manufacturing organization with multiple product lines and suppliers. A testing ground for high-potential individuals, it requires participants to manage numerous variables within their business strategy as they acquire the skills they need to take their performance to the next level and deliver business results.

Leading the Business -- Smart Credit Card
This high-volume embryonic-technology industrial business simulation is for senior-level directors who are preparing to move into executive roles and need to take business performance to the next level. Offering wide applicability, it is well-suited for companies that manufacture physical products as well as those who have industrial customers and want to better understand that world.

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