Acumen means “keenness and depth of perception, especially in practical matters.” Some believe that no single aspect of managerial skill is more important. In recent surveys, 80 percent or more of large and very large corporations say that building the business acumen of their “bench” is either very or extremely important.

According to Ram Charan, the author or coauthor of many bestselling business books and, who for more than thirty-five years has worked behind the scenes at Fortune 100 companies, the art of business acumen is: “Linking an insightful assessment of the external business landscape with the keen awareness of how money can be made and then executing the strategy to deliver the desired results.”*

TRI Corporation understands that developing business acumen is fundamental to winning and business success. We help your leaders align financial literacy with the knowledge of what it takes for your business to make money.

  • Participants develop their business acumen, risk management skills and cross-functional awareness through making and integrating decisions across the various business functions (Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, HR, Finance, R&D).
Since the early 80s, Tom Conine has provided world class corporate education for GE Finance at Crotonville. While creating shareholder value is at the heart of Tom’s pedagogy, what is unique is how he delivers this message from the balance of soft and hard skill integration within a framework of meeting commitments. "
Dennis D. Dammerman,
Retired Vice Chairman of the Board & Executive Officer,
General Electric