Finance is the language of business and stock price the only real currency of a corporation. As managers progress in their responsibilities and careers, financial skills become increasingly important. However, many leaders have a gap here in their knowledge base. TRI® business simulations help organizations close this gap by accelerating the typical quarterly business cycle. Participants experience the results of their decisions almost immediately. They then have the opportunity to analyze and mitigate as necessary. Our programs:

  • Teach the fundamentals and interrelationships between the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Changes in Cash Flow.
  • Demystify our clients’ key financial ratios, metrics and balanced scorecard approaches.
  • Apply complex financial tools to assess the business performance of the simulated company as well as the real-life organization.
  • Teach and improve critical analytic skills using the time-tested DuPont Model, Variance Analysis, Economic Profit metrics and NPV/IRR analysis for project economics.
  • Give participants experience interacting with important individuals and stakeholders (e.g., customers, shareholders, purchasing managers, R&D managers and others).
For the last 8 years, Tom Conine and the TRI®. team have partnered with the senior finance staff at Stanley to co-develop, offer and continually update the ‘Fundamentals of Finance Excellence’ training. This program, with an emphasis on profitable growth, has been instrumental in creating value-added financial partners for all Stanley businesses "
Jim Loree,
Executive Vice President and CFO,
The Stanley Works
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