Good leaders are developed through a never-ending process of experience, self-study, mentoring and education. Effective leaders inspire others to higher levels of personal performance and teamwork. They share their strengths and weaknesses and create environments where people want to succeed. TRI® leadership development programs are based on these very precepts.

  • Our programs enable individuals to establish a future-state vision of their role, examine their personal leadership, and practice areas for improvement or mastery while receiving coaching from TRI® partners, consultants and peers.
  • We address the specific challenges that participants are dealing with at work, whether it be coaching a difficult employee, managing a cost reduction project, or overseeing a strategic account to create a win-win situation.
  • Participants work in highly competitive and focused teams. They have the opportunity to experience unfamiliar functional roles and practice certain leadership skills with their peers, such as meeting commitments and executing on a strategy.
  • Moments of challenge and failure may occur in a simulation break-out team. Our coaching and the use of certain diagnostic and dialogue-based approaches help teams self-manage, correct and learn from these experiences.
Former CEO Steve Sanger commented in a Fortune Magazine article about General Mills’ leadership development activities. He said that the business understanding fostered by the TRI®. simulation experience had resulted in huge benefits–-for example, R&D managers coming up with innovative solutions to resolve marketing challenges–-and that TRI® approach allowed us to introduce specialized scenarios on General Mills’ business issues with a minimum of cost and effort. "
Kevin Wilde,
Chief Learning Officer,
General Mills
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