TRI Corp. believes that having a strategy and communicating it effectively are essential executive skill sets. We drive this learning experientially and provide participants with opportunities to practice and hone these essential skills. Without a strategy and vision any road will take you there – but will it be where you want to go?

Having a strategy and vision establish the playing field: executives can then both determine the required tactics and commit to and execute an operational plan. Within the compressed business cycle of our simulations, participants:

  • Implement their strategies and tactics to create and grow shareholder and customer value and then view the impact. They learn how to contribute to business results and balance both the short and long term.
  • Learn complex decision-making skills and have the opportunity to demonstrate innovative and critical thinking. They also engage in forecasting, risk mitigation and systems thinking and learn to deal with exogenous shocks.
  • Master how to negotiate and communicate for competitive advantage and learn, as well, the challenges and limitations associated with self-imposed constraints.
  • Develop the skills to analyze and explain variances and change tactics in a highly competitive environment in order to achieve success in the market.
Agilent Technologies was looking for an external partner that would understand our business challenges and co-design a highly engaging simulation from a real world perspective. TRI Corp. provided our senior leaders with a challenging program that helped them to think critically about meeting our financial and growth commitments in an extremely competitive global market. "
William P. Sullivan,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Agilent Technologies